You Only Need Half of the Required Skills to Land a Job Interview

Have you ever seen a job that was PERFECT, but you didn’t have all the required skills they listed?  Well, according to a recent study, you should apply for those types of jobs anyway.



Researchers looked at 118 different jobs, and over 6,000 job applications.  And they found you need less than HALF of the required skills to land an interview.



People who matched 50% of the requirements for a job were just as likely to get an interview as people who had 90% of the skills listed in a job posting.



And for some reason, women require even FEWER job skills to land an interview.  They only need 30% of the skills listed in order to be seriously considered for a job.



Here’s one more way to up your chances of getting an interview . . .



Another study recently found having a super-long resumé can significantly LOWER your chances of landing an interview.  For most jobs, the sweet spot is 475 to 600 words, or around two pages.  Anything longer makes you 43% less hireable.



A few jobs where longer resumés DON’T hurt your chances are teacher, professor, scientist, and social worker.    



(Daily Mail / TalentWorks)