Willie Nelson’s Career Advice is Kill the Negative Thoughts Or They’ll Kill You

Willie Nelson says you should have a positive frame of mind if you want to make it in the music business.   “Negative thoughts will kill you, so if you’re even thinking negative, you’ve got to change that first.”


Another thing you should probably plan on doing is working your tail off.  “It ain’t easy, unless you think it’s easy, then you’re in trouble.   If you wake up knowing that this is going to be a hard day today because you’ve got work to do, people to talk to, things to do, you’ll make it.”


And you know that “inner drive” people talk about?  Yeah, you better have a lot of that too.   “You got to want it.  And then when you get it you gotta still want it.  But if you think this is a piece of cake, uh-uh, it ain’t.”


(You can check out Willie’s interview here.  It opens with him talking about “negative thoughts.”  The “It ain’t easy” part comes at 1:46.  And the “you got to want it” is at 2:00.)