Why Is Ashley McBryde Always Holding a Solo Cup?

Have you noticed how often ASHLEY MCBRYDE is seen holding a Solo cup?  She had one while learning about her ACM New Female Artist award, and while accepting her “CMT Music Award” trophy.  Turns out she needs it.



Quote, “It’s a crutch, prop, whatever you wanna call it.  I’ve always had something:  I’ve always had a guitar in my hands since I was little, and even sometimes when I’m just speaking, I’ll sit with a guitar in my lap because it’s more comfortable to me. 



“Otherwise I don’t know where to put my hands, and I get very weird and bothered.”



She almost didn’t have a Solo cup in her hand when she won the CMT.  She says she got there late and was disoriented and confused.  Quote, “And then I won, and I was like, ‘I don’t have a drink.  I don’t have time to go get a drink!'”



Luckily, Luke Combs had a blue one . . . which I’m guessing was filled with a cold one.  Quote, “I just ran up to Luke, and he’s such a nice guy, he gave it to me.”