Why are the Amazons in “Justice League” Dressed Sexier Than the Ones in “Wonder Woman”?

The Amazons in “Wonder Woman” wore armor that didn’t show much skin and looked like something actual warriors would wear.   And that’s because they were put together by a female costume designer named Lindy Hemming, for a movie directed by a WOMAN, Patty Jenkins.


So what are the Amazons wearing in the new “Justice League” movie?  Leather freakin’ bikinis, designed by some dude named Michael Wilkinson.  The outrage is already real.  One person called it,  “a fantastic example of the difference between the male and female gaze.”


And another called it,  “visual evidence of what happens when you don’t have diversity behind the scenes, in the process of creating a story.”  (Check out some pictures, along with more comments, here.)