When Is It Acceptable for Stars to Get Political? Here Are the Top Issues We’re Okay With

Is it okay for celebrities to get political?  Or should they just shut up and look pretty?  According to a new study, it depends on which topics they tackle.  “The Hollywood Reporter” polled over 2,000 Americans and asked about different hot-button issues.  Here are the top political topics we’re COOL with celebrities taking a stance on, and the ones we DON’T want them to talk about.


Encouraging people to go out and VOTE is the #1 cause we’re okay with.  77% of people said it’s appropriate for celebrities to talk about it.


The rest of the top five are:  Supporting equal pay, 72%, police brutality, 63%, more diversity in Hollywood, 62%, and fighting climate change, also 62%.


The stance we’re LEAST okay with is that VACCINES are dangerous.  Only 25% of people said it’s appropriate for celebrities to voice their anti-vaxxer opinions.


Also, just 36% say it’s cool for stars to talk about stricter abortion laws.  Only 37% are okay with them publicly supporting a border wall.  And only 43% want to hear their opinions on an athlete’s right to kneel during the National Anthem. 


(You can check out more results from the poll at MorningConsult.com.)