Weird Holidays You Didn’t Celebrate in July

These are the holidays you probably forgot to celebrate in July.  Or more likely, you never even knew they existed . . .

1.  July 1st was Zip Code Day.  You were supposed to take time to appreciate how necessary they are.  The Post Office has been using them since 1963.  “ZIP” is an acronym by the way.  It stands for “Zone Improvement Plan.”

2.  July 11th was Cow Appreciation Day.  Chick-fil-A started it as a marketing stunt in 2005 to get us to eat more chicken.

3.  Last Thursday was Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day.  Believe it or not, that’s a real holiday.  Absolutely no one celebrated it.

4.  Clean Your Floors Day. It’s a real holiday, but this one happens this Thursday, August 3rd.  Not in July. You still have time to plan a party!