We’d Much Rather Have Cheap Plane Tickets Than Any Perks

We’ve all given in and accepted that air travel is a horrible experience . . . so our goal is to get it over with as quickly and cheaply as possible.  And we DON’T want to pay extra to make the experience SLIGHTLY less awful.

A new survey found 83% of people say price is THE most important factor when they’re booking a flight.

And we’ll do whatever it takes to keep the prices down . . . airline perks be DAMNED.

60% of us won’t pay extra to avoid having a middle seat . . . 52% will fly on whatever airline is the cheapest . . . and 40% will buy a “basic economy” ticket that doesn’t even let us have a pre-assigned seat or a bag in the overhead bin.

So if you’re wondering why people are still flying on United even after all of their bad press this year, an airline industry analyst says THIS is it . . . if their flight is the cheapest option, plenty of people will keep on buying the tickets.

(Daily Mail)