Want to Lose Weight? All You’ve Got to Do Is Eat Clay

Do you sometimes feel like you’d try ANYTHING to lose some weight?  Time to REALLY test your definition of “anything.”



Some researchers in Australia found that you might be able to lose weight by EATING CLAY.  They found there’s a type of clay dirt that looks like it will absorb all the fat from the food in your stomach and keep it from hitting your body.



Now . . . clay diets AREN’T brand new.  You might’ve heard of a product called bentonite clay, which has been around for several years as a diet supplement.  But eating it is JUST as unpleasant as it sounds.



These researchers tried a different type of clay, and they believe it’s much more effective, and it has a chance of being an extremely effective diet tool.



But it could still be a while before we can buy it . . . they say they need to do a lot more testing, especially to figure out the potential side effects. 



(New Atlas)