Tyler Hubbard Drank His Wife’s Breast Milk, and Brian Kelley Is Going to Wait Before Having Kids

Tyler Hubbard’s wife Hayley posted a video where he drinks her breast milk out of a bottle.  She captioned it, “When your husband takes trying your breast milk to a whole new level.”


It looks like he’s just kidding around, until he starts sucking on the bottle.  Even Hayley is surprised, because she lets out a gasp.  When he finishes he says, “Tastes like almond milk, kinda.” 


And then he does it again and says, “Sweet.”  She pans the camera over to their seven-week-old daughter Olivia Rose who’s blissfully unaware. 




This is kind of related.  Tyler and his Florida Georgia Line bandmate Brian Kelley did an interview with “ET Canada”.  They were talking about dogs and babies, and Brian was asked if he and his wife Brittney are ready to start a family. 


He nipped that one in the bud.  “Nah, not yet.  We’re going to try and wait a little bit longer.”  (Here’s video.  He says it at 0:59.)