Two Friends Beat Each Other Up While Arguing About “How I Met Your Mother”

I can’t imagine being this into a TV show.  Especially one that’s been in re-runs since 2014.  A 33-year-old guy in Wisconsin named Alan Huschka went to the Redskins-Packers game in Green Bay on Sunday with a good friend named Brian Heywood.  And they were both drinking.  Then after the game, they drove to a bar and KEPT drinking.


They finally drove home drunk around 12:30 in the morning.  And WHILE they were driving, they got into a physical fight in the car, over the CBS sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother”.


Alan was driving and started punching Brian.  Then Brian punched back.  So they finally pulled over, got out of the car, and continued fighting on the side of the road.  Another driver called the cops, who showed up and arrested Alan for driving under the influence.  Turns out it’s his fourth DUI arrest.


His friend Brian claims he was acting in self-defense, and he’s not facing any charges.  But it looks like he got some pretty good licks in, because Alan’s right eye is swollen shut in his mugshot.


It’s still not clear what got them so heated.  We thought maybe one of them loves “How I Met Your Mother,” and the other hates it.  But when the cops asked Alan, he said they BOTH love the show.  


(Here’s his mugshot.)


(WDJT / The Smoking Gun)