Tom Brokaw is Facing Sexual Harassment Allegations from the ’90s

The #MeToo movement isn’t done.  The latest ALLEGATIONS . . . TOM BROKAW was accused yesterday of sexually harassing two women in the ’90s.


Former NBC News correspondent Linda Vester says Brokaw groped her in a conference room in 1993 . . . then in 1994, he came to her hotel room uninvited and tried to force a kiss on her.


Another women who didn’t want to be identified says Brokaw put her hands on his chest, and invited her to his office to discuss her career.  But she says the implication was that they weren’t going to talk business.


Brokaw denies all the allegations.  He says the incident with the unidentified woman never happened.  As for Linda Vester, he says he met with her twice, both at her request.


He adds, quote, “The meetings were brief, cordial and appropriate, and despite Linda’s allegations, I made no romantic overtures towards her at that time or any other.”


Brokaw is 78, and he’s been married to Meredith Auld since 1962.  Both his accusers were in their 20s when these incidents allegedly happened.  (Variety)