Three 11-Year-Old Girls Took a Lifeguard Class, Then Saved Two People from Drowning

Three 11-year-old girls were swimming and jumping off a pier at a beach near Vancouver last month, when they saw two older girls caught in a riptide.

One of them was in her late teens, and the other was about 13.  They couldn’t get back to shore, and were trying to swim to a ladder connected to the pier.  But the current was too strong.

But luckily the three 11-year-olds just took a LIFEGUARD class this summer. 

Their names are Georgia Springate, Kate Hunter, and Lily Cox.  They say they didn’t really think before they jumped in.  They just did it.

Lily managed to get the older girl to the ladder by herself.  Meanwhile, Georgia and Kate got to the 13-year-old . . . helped her to shore . . . and they all made it out.

Georgia’s mom saw the whole thing, and freaked out when they jumped in to help.  The girls they were trying to save could have pulled them under, or they could have gotten caught in the same current.

So she’s proud of them for helping, but also a little angry at the other girls’ parents for not keeping a closer eye on their kids.