Thomas Rhett Doesn’t Follow Directions When He Puts Stuff Together, And Wants to Make Country More Fashionable

Have you ever bought something for your house or your kids, gotten it home, and tried to put it together yourself instead of following the directions?  Because they were too complicated?  Thomas Rhett is one of you.


He has two daughters, both under two, so he’s got a ton of baby stuff lying around.   “My wife is always, like, ‘Hey, wait, get the directions.  But I won’t do it.’  I would rather sit there for seven hours and figure it out by myself.  But I get it done.”


He also did an interview with the fashion magazine “W” yesterday, and talked about changing up the look associated with country.  He says a lot of the merchandise is terrible stuff that he would never wear.


“If you ask anybody how country artists dress, they would think probably a belt buckle and a cowboy hat.  And there still are those people.  But the people at my concerts, a lot of them are wearing Gucci T-shirts.”


He even partnered with a fashion designer to do one of those fancy ‘pop-up’ stores in L.A.   A lot of designers turned him down, because they don’t see country as their market.  But he disagrees.   “Country music is changing so much.  It’s interesting to see this shift in people who love pop and hip-hop music starting to come to country music concerts and find a blend of everything they love.  What is country?  The goal is to change the sense that all we are is cars and dust and trucks.”


Anyway, in news you probably care more about, his wife Lauren posted a photo on Instagram yesterday after cutting off about a foot of hair.  She’s donating it to a Pantene program that creates wigs for women who’ve lost their hair after cancer treatments.