The Top Ten Cities to Celebrate New Year’s . . . And Yep, NYC Is Still #1

I know we’ve still got a lot of Christmas drama to worry about, but New Year’s Eve is right around the corner too.  And just released its annual list of the BEST CITIES to be in this year.



They looked at 28 different factors.  Things like affordability . . . how many parties there are per capita . . . how good the fireworks are . . . and how congested each city is on New Year’s Eve.



And once again New York is #1.  The ten best cities for New Year’s Eve this time around are New York . . . Los Angeles . . . Atlanta . . . San Diego . . . Las Vegas . . . Denver . . . Orlando . . . Chicago . . . D.C. . . . and San Francisco.



There weren’t any huge surprises this time.  It’s basically the same list as last year, just shuffled around a little.  Miami was the only city that dropped out of the top ten, into 11th place.  It got replaced by Denver, which jumped up into 6th.



New York is the most expensive place to be.  But it still ranked first, because it goes bigger on New Year’s than any other city.



But if you just want to have fun as CHEAPLY as possible, the top five cities to be in this year are Gilbert, Arizona (outside Phoenix) . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma . . . Virginia Beach, Virginia . . . Tampa, Florida . . . and Birmingham, Alabama. 



(Wallet Hub)