The Top Five Things We Argue About in the Car While Traveling for the Holidays

 If you’re driving the family somewhere for the holidays, a new survey looked at the top things that can start ARGUMENTS in the car.  And it’s a TIE for #1.



35% of people said they’ve argued over who gets to control the RADIO.  And 35% have also argued about the TEMPERATURE.



The top five things that can spark an argument on a road trip are the music . . . the temperature . . . what route to take . . . being frustrated about traffic . . . and when to stop for bathroom breaks.



Here are five more stats from the survey . . .



1.  Your first argument in the car will happen 27 minutes into your trip.


2.  Someone in your family will say, “I’m tired” . . . “I have to go to the bathroom” . . . and “I’m hungry” an average of six times EACH while traveling this year.


3.  A flat tire is the most common car-related issue we have during holiday travel.


4.  The Christmas song we’re most likely to sing along to is “Jingle Bell Rock”.


5.  The three things you’re most likely to forget at home are your phone charger . . . your toothbrush . . . and your phone. 



(NY Post)