The Ten Happiest and Least Happy States in America

A new study looked at things like average income, mental health stats, crime, how long commutes are, and how much free time people have.  And it ranked all 50 states according to how easy it is to be “HAPPY” if you live there.


Utah and Hawaii were CLOSE to the top.  They ranked #1 in a few different categories.  But overall, the happiest state is MINNESOTA.


The top ten are Minnesota, Utah, Hawaii, California, Nebraska, New Jersey, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.


The ten LEAST happy states are West Virginia, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Alaska.


Hawaii has the lowest rate of depression.  People in Utah work the fewest hours, and have the lowest divorce rate.


People in Colorado get the most sleep.  Vermont is the safest state.  And North Dakota has the highest income growth, and the lowest long-term unemployment rate.


Minnesota didn’t top any of those lists.  But they made the top five on a bunch of them.  So that’s why they came in first.


(You can see the rankings for all 50 states here.)


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