The Key to a Relationship Isn’t Spending Time Together, It’s Spending Time Alone

You’d THINK that the key to a healthy relationship is doing a lot of date nights and other stuff as a couple.  And you’d be wrong.


According to a new survey, 85% of people say that having “me-time” where you’re alone and you can do anything you want is the key to a good relationship.  And 41% would even DUMP their partner if they weren’t getting enough “me-time.”


The ideal amount is an average of 51 minutes a day, or around six hours a week.


And here are the top 10 things we like to do during our time alone.  Watching TV or movies, reading, listening to podcasts, exercising, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, having a meal alone, going out dancing, shopping, going for a walk, and getting our hair done. 


(Yahoo News)