The 12 Best Mindless, “Background” TV Shows for Multitasking

A lot of people watch two different types of TV shows, the REAL shows they love, and then the shows that they have on in the background, when they’re busy dealing with life.

These background shows are great for multitasking because they can be entertaining, even if you’re only giving them about 20% of your attention.  The people at “Business Insider” put together a list of 12 great mindless, background shows.

Here they are:

1.  “20/20” . . . To satisfy true-crime obsessions, plus there’s a lot of repetition.

2.  “Futurama” . . . Witty sci-fi comedy, in simple self-contained episodes.

3.  “Wife Swap” . . . It’s good for this because it’s structured and over-produced.

4.  “The Real Housewives of Potomac” . . . Reality TV is great for ambient noise, and some people think this is the best of the “Real Housewives” shows.

5.  “Emily in Paris” . . . The plot is fun, but pointless.

6.  The “Charmed” reboot . . . Easy to tune in and out freely.

7.  “Ted Lasso” . . . This one made the list for being rewatchable as a background show.  It’s also not too complicated to follow.

8.  “The Great British Baking Show” . . . It has a pleasant, relaxed vibe.

9.  “The Great Pottery Throwdown” . . . Another wholesome, hobby-based competition show, similar to “The Great British Baking Show”.

10.  “Love on the Spectrum” . . . Considerate of individuals on the autism spectrum, and a lot of the action happens over conversations, so it’s perfect to LISTEN TO while cleaning or working on something else.

11.  “The Office” . . . It’s filled with tons of jokes and quotable lines, so it’s easy to tune in intermittently for a good laugh.

12.  “Shark Tank” . . . It’s easily digestible with several “pitch” segments in each episode, so it’s workable even if you’re in and out of the room.


(Business Insider)