The 10 Most Fun Cities in America in 2021 released its annual list of the most fun cities in America.  And SIN CITY is #1 again.  Las Vegas has snagged the top spot every year since 2017.  Here are the 10 most fun cities in America.

1.  Las Vegas.  It’s first in nightlife, and third in entertainment options.

2.  Orlando

3.  Atlanta

4.  Miami

5.  New Orleans

6.  San Francisco

7.  Austin

8.  Chicago

9.  Honolulu.  It’s first in entertainment options.

10.  New York City

Pearl City, Hawaii was named the least fun city again this year.  But it’s only 10 miles from Honolulu, which is #9.  Of the 182 cities they considered this year, the five LEAST fun cities are:  Pearl City, Hawaii, Brownsville, Texas, Oxnard, California, Ontario, California, and Moreno Valley, California.

Wondering where Reno falls?  We didn’t do too bad at number 32 on the list of 182 cities.


Source: WalletHub