The 10 Biggest TV Deaths and Cast Departures of 2018

 You’ve probably seen one of those lists of all the famous people who have died this year.  But the “Hollywood Reporter” is mixing it up.  They have a list of the 36 biggest “TV deaths and cast departures” of 2018.



It isn’t ranked . . . but if it was, ROSEANNE BARR’s firing from “Roseanne” would surely be #1.  That led to the show changing its name to “The Conners” and killing her off with an opioid overdose.



Here are nine other highlights from the list:  (Of course, this is packed with SPOILERS if you haven’t been keeping up with these shows.)



1.  Kevin Spacey, from “House of Cards”.  Kevin was fired from the show after allegations of sexual misconduct . . . so Frank Underwood was killed off.



2.  Andrew LincolnChandler RiggsLauren Cohan, and Tom Payne, all from “The Walking Dead”.  The show is being “creatively re-tooled” . . . and NOT in line with the comic books.  In Lauren’s case, there was a real life reason:  She left in a contract dispute.



3.  Clayne Crawford, from “Lethal Weapon”.  He was allegedly an anger-ball on the set, and Damon Wayans got him fired.  Then Damon said he’d be leaving, too.



4.  Pauley Perrette, from “NCIS”.  She ended her 15-season run as forensic specialist Abby Sciuto in May, after, quote, “multiple physical assaults” on the set.



5.  Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw, from “Grey’s Anatomy”.  They were written out in May as part of a creative decision by Shonda Rhimes.



6.  Cameron Moynahan and Emmy Rossum, from “Shameless”.  They both chose to leave the show.



7.  Connie Britton, from “911”.  She only signed a one-year deal, and was replaced by Jennifer Love Hewitt for Season Two.



8.  Shelley Long, from “Modern Family”.  The show made headlines after they said they’d kill a major character, and it turned out to be DeDe . . . Jay’s ex-wife and Claire and Mitchell’s mother.



9.  Milo Ventimiglia from “This Is Us”.  NBC used its hyped post-Super Bowl episode to reveal how Jack died.  As it turned out, he didn’t die in the fire from the Crock-Pot, he died later at the hospital of cardiac arrest.


But since “This Is Us” jumps around in time, Milo remains a big part of the show.



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