Sunday Is International Nacho Day! Finally, an Excuse to Eat Nachos

It’s about time we had a holiday to celebrate the most important thing in life.  This Sunday is International Nacho Day.  Well, technically the name is “International Day of the Nacho”.  Here are a few new stats about our love of all things nacho in honor of the holiday.


1.  81% of people say they LOVE nachos, and another 17% say they like them.  Only 0.5% of people hate them.


2.  26% of people have eaten at least a full plate of nachos in one sitting.


3.  The most popular toppings are:  Extra cheese, ground beef, guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos.


4.  And finally, 3% of people say they only eat nachos when they’re drunk. 


(National Today)