Six Weird Hangover Cures Bartenders Have Heard

Do you have a crazy hangover cure that you SWEAR works?  According to science, you’ve just gotta sleep it off, and drink lots of water to rehydrate.  But here are six weird hangover cures bartenders have heard. We have no idea how well any of them work.  But for most of them, our guess is, not very well.


1.  Chugging Gatorade instead of water, and mixing in some HORSERADISH.


2.  Tripe soup, which involves the lining of a cow’s STOMACH.  Good luck choking THAT down when you’re hung over.    (But if you want to try it, go to a Mexican restaurant and order a dish called “menudo.”  Yes, just like ’80s boy band that gave us Ricky Martin.  The soup is delicious.  Though not as delicious as Ricky Martin.)


3.  Three Aleves and a big glass of water before bed, then a beer RIGHT when wake up the next morning.  That might just delay a hangover though, because the beer gets you buzzed again.


4.  Shellfish broth, which is like chicken stock but made with seafood.  And you’re supposed to eat a hard-boiled egg with it.


5.  A bartender who spent time in Puerto Rico claims there’s an urban legend where you can prevent a hangover by rubbing lemons on your ARMPITS before you start drinking.  (???)


6.  Alka-Seltzer in coconut water.  Which actually sounds half-decent compared to the other ones.