Should Huge Tips Be Split Between the Entire Staff? Only 16% Say Yes

There was a story recently about a waitress in Arkansas who got a $4,400 tip, then lost her job because she didn’t want to share it with the whole staff.  Her manager said she had to, even though the customers wanted her and one other server to have it.

That part made the circumstances a little unique.  But in general, what do you think should happen when someone leaves a massive tip at a restaurant?  Should they get the whole thing, or should restaurants have a policy where the whole staff splits it.

Someone asked over 6,000 Americans, and most people say the server should get it all.  64% said they should get to keep it, and only 16% said it should be shared equally.  The other 20% either said they’re not sure, or that something else should happen.  Like maybe the server gets most of it, but splits the rest.