Seven Coronavirus Updates: Wayne Brady Is Quarantining with His Ex-Wife and Her Boyfriend

1.  Does New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have a pierced nipple???



2.  If a scolding from Larry David won’t keep you home, nothing will.



3.  The coronavirus has resulted in some interesting quarantine situations, like this one:  Wayne Brady is quarantining with his ex-wife, their 17-year-old daughter, and his ex-wife’s BOYFRIEND.  And they’re having a blast.


4.  UFC star Jon Jones pleaded guilty to drunk driving and got a year of supervised probation.  And also 96 hours on HOUSE ARREST.


5.  Someone turned Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” into a coronavirus parody, and a British family made one out of the “Les Miserables” song One Day More.



This is the last one we are going to do on a lockdown theme, but it felt very apt. And it might be just in time to cheer up some friends and family who have had – or are about to have – birthdays, all by themselves. Decided to include a bit of the intro so that you can see what kind of madness Danielle Marsh and I would be dealing with, if we didn't occupy them with music making…Hope everyone out there is doing okay.

Posted by Ben Marsh on Sunday, March 29, 2020


6.  The companies responsible for putting up stages and tents at Coachella are now making coronavirus treatment facilities.


7.  This isn’t the best time for medical facilities to reduce their hours, but “General Hospital”  is dropping to just four days a week.