Sam Hunt’s “Body Like A Back Road” Has Set a “Billboard” Record

SAM HUNT’s“Body Like A Back Road” cannot be stopped.  It just broke the record for the most weeks at Number One in the history of “Billboard’s” Hot Country Songs chart.


It’s been at the top for 25 weeks, passing Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise”, which spent 24 weeks at #1 back in 2013.  What’s amazing is that Sam almost didn’t release it because he was afraid people might think the lyrics objectified women.


Quote, “I had some concerns, but I tried to make it fun to offset any risks of those things happening, and I think that came across in the lyric and in the way we recorded it.


“When we finally finished it, it hit me as ‘Okay, wait a minute.  Maybe I underestimated the potential of this song.  I think this could be a fun song and it will connect with folks.'”


Mission accomplished, right?  The song has clearly connected with enough people to set an all-time record.