Richard Branson Is Letting Fire Victims Stay at His Private Island Resort

A massive fire destroyed three homes on the northeast coast of Australia on Saturday, and the families who lived there lost everything.  But now businessman RICHARD BRANSON is stepping in to help.

He owns a private island there with the co-founder of Virgin Australia, Brett Godfrey.  And they’re letting all of the families stay at their private resort for FREE while they figure things out.

It’s called Makepeace Island.  They bought it in 2001, and used to let employees stay there until they opened it up to the public back in 2011.

It usually costs about $4,300 a NIGHT for a family of four.  But all three families are staying free of charge, and their meals are covered too.

A reporter reached out for a statement from Branson and Godfrey.  But a spokesperson said they don’t want publicity.  They just wanted to help.