People Hear Fewer Compliments Than They Used to . . . Just Four a Week

Does an Instagram like make you feel as good as someone in person saying, “You’re 45?  You don’t look a day over 43”?



According to a new survey, people say they only get an average of four face-to-face compliments a week now . . . and that’s definitely not as many as they used to get.



The best theory is that because of social media, people are used to giving and receiving compliments online now.



Here are a few other results from the survey . . .



1.  40% of people wish they heard more compliments than they do.



2.  The average person says their significant other started complimenting them less around the six-year point of their relationship.



3.  And the compliments we like to hear from friends are “You make me laugh” . . . “You look young” . . . and “I like your haircut.” 



(The Scottish Sun)