Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter Ate 40 Pizzas in 30 Days and Says It’s Gotten Worse

Remember John Schnatter?  He’s the founder of Papa John’s Pizza, who stepped down as CEO a couple years ago after blaming his struggling sales on the NFL’s National Anthem protests.  Even worse, he was caught using the N-word in a conference call, although he claims he was saying it to express how much he HATED racism.


In any event, in a new interview, he claims he’s eaten 40 PIZZAS in 30 DAYS, and he implies that they were all Papa John’s.  And he DIDN’T enjoy them.


He said, “I’ve probably had over 40 pizzas in the last 30 days, and they don’t make the pizza the way I used to make it, it just doesn’t taste as good.”  It’s unclear why he kept eating the pizzas if they weren’t good.  Maybe he gets them for free.


Schnatter does say he likes that they hired Shaq as their new pitchman, but he doesn’t think they’re using him in the best way.


He also says the, “day of reckoning will come” when he will be vindicated, and people will realize his ouster was a “set-up.” 


(Here’s video of the interview.  And here’s another clip.)