Over the Holidays, 70% of Millennials Enjoy Cooking and Cleaning?

Baby Boomers love to take jabs at Millennials, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’re finally starting to grow up.

In a new survey, 67% of Millennials, people between the ages of 25 and 40, say they enjoy the holiday memories they make as adults MORE than the ones they have from their childhood.  So what’s so great about adulthood?

75% of Millennials say they’re more motivated to do cooking and cleaning around the holidays, and 70% even claimed to ENJOY doing it.

The holiday-related things Millennials like doing as adults include wrapping holiday gifts (71%), decorating their home (31%), cleaning up after holiday meals (30%), and watching movies or listening to holiday music (28%).

And just in general, they’re loving adult stuff like:  Learning new things (50%), staying IN on a Friday night (40%), repairing things around the house (39%), paying bills (33%), and mowing the lawn (32%).