Oprah Mocked a Fan’s Cracked Phone, And Then Bought Him a New One

Oprah Winfrey surprised Morehouse College with a $13 million donation just a few weeks ago, but the charity didn’t end there.  Oprah was visiting the school earlier this month, and as her car was driving through campus, a freshman saw her, and whipped out his phone to record the moment.


He leaned in for a selfie, and said, “Hey, Oprah!”  And she joked, “Hey.  That’s me.  That’s me in your cracked phone.”  (Here’s the clip.)



Less than two weeks later, he got a surprise:  A brand new iPhone, from Oprah.  It came with a personal note that said, “We can’t have you out here viewing the world through a cracked screen or a cracked cover.  The new camera you’re gonna love for sure!”



(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)