One-Third of Americans Can’t Name All Four of Their Grandparents?

 It’s one thing not to know every detail of your family’s history.  It’s another thing not to know THE most basic information.



According to a new survey, one-third of Americans can’t name all four of their grandparents.  



And that’s not all . . .



1.  21% can’t name a single one of their great-grandparents.


2.  21% don’t know what city any of their four grandparents were born in.


3.  14% don’t know what any of their grandparents did for work.


4.  35% don’t know what country or countries their family emigrated from to come to America.


5.  And 40% don’t know the origin of their last name.



But . . . 84% say it’s important to them to know about their heritage. 



(New York Post)