No, Garth Brooks Has Not Endorsed Bernie Sanders

I’m thinking you know this, but just in case:  Garth Brooks did NOT endorse Bernie Sanders for President.  He DID post a photo of himself in a Sanders jersey, but he was honoring former Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders.


They both went to Oklahoma State University, and Garth took the pic at a recent concert in Detroit.  He wrote, “Detroit you carried me all night long, but you always have.  I’m in love with you.” 



Unfortunately, some people thought it was a Bernie endorsement and posted hateful comments.  Garth stayed out of the controversy, but the story didn’t go away.  When Barry Sanders heard about it he decided to have some fun.


He hit up Twitter to say, “Hey Garth Brooks, want to be my VP?  Thanks for the shout-out at your Detroit show.  #Number-20-for-2020.”  (Barry wore #20 for the Lions.)


Garth reposted it and wrote, “Hey Barry, I would run any race with you #Number-20-for-2020.  Ha.  Love you pal, g.”  (CNN)