New in Theaters: “The Lost City” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

1.  The Lost City  (PG-13)  Trailer .

Sandra Bullock plays a reclusive author and Channing Tatum is the cover model for all her romance adventure novels.  Daniel Radcliffe thinks she can lead him to a treasure she wrote about in one of her books, so he kidnaps her.  And her only hope of escaping the jungle is with Channing, who’s desperate to be a hero and prove he’s more than just a pretty face.




2. Everything Everywhere All at Once  (R)  Trailer  (Limited)

A sci-fi action comedy starring Michelle Yeoh as a housewife who is asked to save the multiverse and suddenly given the ability to tap into the skills of all the other versions of herself that chose different lives in the other universes.

Ke Huy Quan from “The Goonies” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” is in it as her husband.  And Jamie Lee Curtis let herself go to play an IRS pencil pusher.  It opens nationwide on April 8th.




3.  Infinite Storm  (R)  Trailer  (Limited)

Naomi Watts plays an experienced climber who gets caught in a blizzard during her descent.  She then finds a guy stranded up there alone, and fights to get them both down the mountain before nightfall.  It’s based on a true story.