Miranda Lambert Has Only Known Her New Husband for Three Months

Details are still coming out on Miranda Lambert’s surprise marriage to New York City cop Brendan McLoughlin.  Turns out they only just met three months ago, back on November 2nd.


That was the day the Pistol Annies were on “Good Morning America”.  That night they did a concert at a place called The Town Hall.  Both are in the South Midtown Precinct where Brendan works, and where he often does crowd control. 


Miranda’s “friends” also have a theory about why they got together.  Her dad was once a homicide-and-narcotics cop in Dallas, so they’re saying she’s attracted to that type of guy.  Do you buy that?  I’m just going with the fact that he’s hot.


And if you care, a source says Blake Shelton doesn’t give a rip about the marriage.  That one I totally believe.