Miranda Lambert Celebrated Pride Day with Her Husband and Brother

MIRANDA LAMBERT says “Happy pride, y’all.”  She wrote that yesterday on Instagram while at New York City’s Pride Parade.  She added the hashtags . . .  #Family, #Ally, and #World-Pride-NYC.



She also posted three photos.  In the first one she’s at the parade with her husband Brendan McLoughlin, her brother Luke Lambert, and some other guy.  She’s wearing a Pride ball cap.



The second pic is the four of them at the Flaming Saddles country music bar.  In the third pic she’s next to a guy wearing a T-shirt that says “We should all be Mirandas.”



Maren Morris saw the post and wrote, “That last pic is so good.”  



Karen Fairchild posted four rainbow emojis, and Cam quoted Miranda’s song “All Kinds of Kinds” . . . writing, “Ever since the beginning, to keep the world spinning it takes all kinds of all kinds.”



If you aren’t familiar with the term “ally”, using that hashtag simply means she’s an LGBTQ supporter who believes in civil rights for EVERYONE, regardless of their sexual orientation.