Mariska Hargitay Praised the Girl Who Used an “SVU” Trick to Catch a Would-Be Kidnapper

By now you’ve probably heard of “Alyssa“, the 11-year-old Florida girl who fought off a would-be kidnapper while she was waiting for her school bus earlier this week.

The guy pulled up in his car, chased her down and grabbed her, but she fought him off to the point that he just gave up and took off.

Alyssa was playing with BLUE SLIME at the time, and during the struggle she rubbed it on his arm.  And because of that, police were able to identify and arrest him later.  Alyssa said she learned the trick from “Law & Order: SVU”.

Well yesterday, Mariska Hargitay posted a message to her, saying, “I am so honored to be part of your incredible story.  You are one BRAVE, Strong and Smart young woman.  I think the SVU squad might have to add slime to their crimefighting gear!”


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(The attack was caught on video.  Check it out here.)