Lindsay Ell Loves That She’s Inspiring Young Girls to Learn Guitar

LINDSAY ELL started playing guitar when she was eight, which explains why her skills are off the charts.  The cool thing is it’s not going unnoticed.  She’s now a musical role model for other young girls.


 “It’s been inspiring to hear fans say, ‘Lindsay, I’m learning guitar because of you.’  And the fact that Shania [Twain], Sheryl [Crow], Bonnie [Raitt] were inspirations to me when I was little and that I can forward that on is surreal.”


And here’s an unrelated “inspirational” story about Lindsay . . . asked her about “the last time she laughed so hard she cried.”  It was when a spray tanner did a house call, and set up a tent in the kitchen to do the job.  She also brought her three-year-old son.


I’ll let Lindsay explain what happened next.  “She [was] spray tanning me and her son was supposed to be playing on an iPad on the couch, but he came running to the other side of the tent and saw me completely naked.  


“And he started copying my moves.  So as I’m doing all my spray tan moves he’s doing them with me.”