Larry King Says He Beat Lung Cancer

Larry King was diagnosed with lung cancer recently, but apparently, he’s already beaten it.  He says he went in for a routine checkup, and his doctor found a small bit of cancer in the early stages.


So Larry had surgery in July to have it removed.  It was a success, they removed 20% of his lung, but the cancer is gone.  The doctor said it was malignant, so he was lucky because he could’ve had some problems if it went undetected for another two or three years.


Now Larry wants to remind people that it’s important to get these check-ups and have these tests done.  He’s 83 years old.


In an interview with Mario Lopez on “Extra” yesterday afternoon, Larry talked about being a HEAVY smoker for more than 30 years.  He stopped when he was 53, after having a heart attack.


But before then, he was smoking up to THREE PACKS a day, and it was so intense that he even smoked in the shower.  It doesn’t sound like he was joking, and you probably NEED to smoke in the shower to smoke 60 cigarettes a day. 


(Here’s video.  The part about smoking begins at the 1:55 mark.)