Kip Moore Still Stays in Hostels When He Travels In Order to Stay Grounded

Kip Moore is as grounded as they come.  It’s something that’s in his core and will never change.  So when “People” asked about his extravagant moments, they got nothing.  He said,  “I’ve always been outspoken about the fact that I have no care for material things.  I’m not going to post a picture of being inside a fancy jet.  It doesn’t mean anything to me.”


What’s ironic is that he’ll find himself in a room with “business types” who are drinking “thousand dollar bottles of wine” that they’re able to afford because of the money they’ve made from HIS career.


He says he couldn’t even try to be extravagant.  It just wouldn’t work.  “I still live very, very simply.  I’m afraid to get comfortable because I’m afraid I’ll lose that sense of where I’ve come from and that drive that’s gotten me to where I’m at.  When I travel, I still bounce around in hostels.  All through Iceland we did hostels.  I could stay at the Four Seasons, but it doesn’t do as much for my soul staying in those places.  When I stay at a hostel, it keeps me centered and I love the people I meet.”