Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany Reveals Her Difficulty Getting Pregnant

JASON ALDEAN’s wife BRITTANY has opened up about the difficulties they experienced while trying to get pregnant.  Obviously, everything worked out.  Their son Memphis was born December 1st. 



In an interview on the Babes and Babies podcast she said they tried for a year and a half to get pregnant.  “No one knows this, but we had to do In Vitro Fertilization.  It was a rollercoaster process and I ended up having endometriosis.”



She had a procedure to get rid of that, but there are never guarantees.  “So it was like, if this doesn’t work . . . I was considering a surrogate.  We were thinking about all the options.”



Despite everything, she and Jason are definitely going to try again.  “We want one more.  I feel like the sooner the better.  You’re already doing the diaper thing, why don’t we just knock out.”