Jason Aldean Says Having a Lot of Stuff Will Not Change Who He Is Inside

I’ve heard country singers say that being rich and famous will never change who they are.  And I believe most of them . . . including JASON ALDEAN.  He’s convinced he’s the same guy today that he was growing up in Macon, Georgia. 



“It doesn’t matter how many cars you drive.  It’s all nice stuff to have, but underneath it all, you are who you are, and you’re from where you’re from. 



“If you’re from a little farm town and you grew up working on a farm, I don’t care what you do from here on out . . . you’re going to remember that.”



He says he’s still drawn to the kinds of songs that are “reminiscent of his upbringing” . . . and that helps keep his music relatable. 



“I think part of the way you stay connected is you sing those songs and people think, ‘That guy is just like us,’ because I was, I am, and I’m still that guy.”