It’s On! Between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker Over “Sex and the City 3”

This feels like it’s been DECADES in the making:  Tensions between Kim Cattrall and SarahJessica Parker are finally boiling over in public . . . and it’s all because of “Sex and the City 3”.


Last week, Sarah declared the sequel DEAD, but she made it sound like it had actually had a chance of being made.  Meanwhile, there was a tabloid article claiming that Kim killed the movie with her unreasonable demands.


But Kim is challenging the idea that the movie was ever even close to happening.  According to her, she’s been refusing to do it since LAST YEAR.  And she’s putting Sarah on blast for twisting everything.


She says,  “At this very moment it’s quite extraordinary to get any kind of negative press about something that I’ve been saying for almost a year of ‘no’ that I’m demanding or a diva.  And this is really where I take to task the people from ‘Sex and the City’ and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, in that I think she could have been nicer.  I don’t know what her issue is.  I never have.”


Sarah hasn’t responded to this yet, but hopefully when she does, it’ll be with CLAWS OUT! 


(Huffington Post)