Is It Okay to Put Your Dog Poop in a Stranger’s Garbage Can?

Every dog owner has had the moment when they’re walking their dog, it poops, they scoop it in a bag . . . and then have to decide whether to drop that bag in some random person’s garbage can that’s out on the street.



So . . . is it okay to do that?  Here’s what people think, according to a new survey.



1.  30% say it’s always fine.



2.  30% say you should only do it if it’s trash day and the trash hasn’t been picked up yet.



3.  11% say you should only do it if the other option is leaving it on their lawn.



4.  And 29% say it’s not ever cool to do it . . . and four out of five of them would confront someone who tried. 



(Fort Collins Coloradoan)