Here Are the Top Five Strategies People Use to Cut in Line

There aren’t many things in day-to-day life that make people angrier than someone CUTTING in a line.  But people keep doing it anyway.



A new survey found more than one in four people admit to cutting in lines.  And here are the five most common STRATEGIES they use to try to get away with it . . .



1.  They spot a gap in the line and hop right in by pretending they thought that was the end.



2.  They start talking with someone who’s got a good spot in the line, possibly a friend or maybe even a stranger, and they stay up there in the line with them.



3.  They lie to the other people in line by saying they’re going to be late, so those people will let them in.



4.  They just start rapidly apologizing as they cut and hope that’s enough.



5.  They go to the front of the line by pretending they just have a quick question for the staff. 



(The Independent)