Here Are the Most Commonly Googled “Should I” Questions in Every State

 I’m not sure it’s a good idea to rely on Google as your life coach.



A new study found the question starting with “Should I” that people Google the most in every state.  And here are some highlights . . .



1.  “Should I have a baby?” in Pennsylvania.


2.  “Should I nap?” in Virginia.


3.  “Should I cut my hair?” in Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Ohio.


4.  “Should I delete Facebook?” in Washington. 


5.  “Should I apologize?” in Texas.


6.  “Should I break up with my boyfriend?” in Illinois.


7.  “Should I text him?” in Florida, Georgia, and New York.


8.  “Should I care?” in Idaho, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, and West Virginia.