Here Are the Best and Worst Food Cities in America

A new study by the website WalletHub just ranked the 182 biggest cities in the country for FOODIES.  And they’re not just talking about fancy restaurants, that’s just a fraction of it. They used 24 different factors, including grocery prices, restaurant costs and taxes, food trucks per capita, restaurant star ratings, ice cream shops, coffee shops, and breweries, and even food festivals and cooking schools.


And the best city in the country for food is San Francisco.  Here’s the rest of the top 10:  Portland, Oregon, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Austin, Texas, Las Vegas, San Diego and Seattle.  So, um, I guess bigger cities have better food?


The worst city is Pearl City, Hawaii.  They have the highest grocery prices in the country AND the fewest restaurants per capita.  Here are the rest of the 10 worst:  Juneau, Alaska, West Valley City, Utah, Gulfport, Mississippi, Nampa, Idaho, Jackson, Mississippi, Moreno Valley, California, Columbia, Maryland, Lewiston, Maine and Montgomery, Alabama.


(Here are the full rankings.)