Good News: The CDC’s New Guidelines for Post-Vaccine Life

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds.

1.  Yesterday, the CDC released its first guidelines for people who’ve been vaccinated.  And they say it’s safe for them to be indoors with other vaccinated people, or even small groups who aren’t.  Also, vaccinated grandparents can safely hug their grandkids.

2.  A couple in New Jersey celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by getting their Covid vaccinations together on Saturday.

3.  A new study found the biggest things that make people happy are family, a sense of community, and being in nature, not money.  In fact, places that had more money had lower happiness scores.

4.  A six-year-old boy in Ohio got a parade through his neighborhood after he successfully completed his final chemotherapy treatment for leukemia over the weekend.

5.  There’s a video going around of a penguin in Antarctica swimming away as fast as it can from a group of orcas who are trying to catch it and EAT it.  And it jumps to safety in a tourist boat.