Fourth of July Fallout: A U-Haul Full of Fireworks Went Off All at Once, and an Entire Display Went Up in Ocean City, Maryland

Here’s a round-up of firework-related chaos from this weekend.

1.  A bunch of fireworks went off all at once on a beach in Ocean City, Maryland Sunday morning.  They were meant for a show later that night.  Luckily no one was seriously hurt.  (Here’s footage from one angle, and here’s another angle.)



2.  Four people in Toledo, Ohio were injured when a whole U-Haul full of fireworks  went up Sunday night.  One report we saw said teenagers started a fire in the back of the U-Haul on purpose.  (Here’s a video.)



3.  A minor league baseball team in Iowa did a fireworks show on Sunday.  Then one of the guys who ran it was driving home when leftover supplies in his car caught fire.  He made it out, but his car burned up.  Firefighters noted his vanity plate said “PYROBOB.”

4.  A guy with an active warrant in Missouri got arrested after he was caught shooting fireworks at a Taco Bell.

5.  An ice cream man in northern California was caught selling fireworks out of his truck instead of selling ice cream.

6.  Last week, a huge stash of illegal fireworks caused a bomb squad truck to EXPLODE in L.A.  Now the guy who owned all the stuff is facing federal charges.  It turns out he was storing 32,000 pounds of fireworks in his backyard.