Five Random Facts For Wednesday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  The only animal with just one ear is a praying mantis.


2.  The first slave owner in America was a black man.  He’d been captured in Angola and brought to the colonies as an indentured servant, then he earned his freedom and started a tobacco farm.


3.  Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, is missing part of his right middle finger.  He sliced it off when he was working the meat slicer at an Arby’s in high school.


4.  The best-selling car in America is the red-and-yellow plastic Little Tikes toy called the Cozy Coupe.  About half a million are sold every year, that’s more than the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.


5.  William Shakespeare’s wife was named Anne Hathaway.


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