Five Random Facts For Wednesday

Here are some random facts for you . . .



1.  Anthony Perkins, the actor who played Norman Bates in “Psycho”, found out he was HIV positive when the “National Enquirer” printed it.  Apparently someone leaked his blood test results to them.



2.  There are 27 actors who appeared in “Goodfellas” and went on to be on “The Sopranos”.



3.  The Energizer Bunny only exists in the U.S. and Canada . . . everywhere else, it’s the Duracell Bunny.  Duracell came up with the “battery bunny” and trademarked it around the world.

But they forgot to renew their North America trademarks in 1989, so Energizer grabbed it.



4.  Wolves howl together in harmony to make it sound like there are more of them together than there actually are.



5.  About 8.6 million lightning bolts strike the Earth every single day.



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